Monday, August 12, 2013

the good stuff

I've had a rough few months. When my babies are 8-10 months is the hardest for me, for some reason. At the same time it is also the most fun time. When Sadie is being cute, crawling around and climbing over us and getting into things, and dancing, and waiting for us to look at her, and squawking... Spencer will often say "We are gonna miss this." And I say, "Yes, I will miss THIS." The other stuff...not so much. This time is when I get the most sick, feel the most stress, and clench my jaw while I sleep. I feel like it is unavoidable, and inevitable.

So, I was glad for this fun event last weekend. I was busy preparing and thinking about it all week, and the depth of what was happening didn't really SINK in for me until the opening song, when I got so emotional! Unfortunately I was the one giving the prayer, and that was just blubbery and embarrassing.

But. It's nice to have these reminders - in the craziness of everything - of what stuff really matters. And this definitely mattered.

My big 8 year old boy, one of the easiest kids imaginable, chose to be baptized. I felt so much pride during the 45 minute service, I thought my heart could burst open. (I must make note here that Sadie was being naughty, so a dear friend took her out for the entire 45 minutes, and got her to sleep, and the rest of us got to listen and enjoy. What a gift.) A few other dear friends stepped in when I started to lose it, and helped make the rest of the day so sweet and nice. Emma gave such a great talk. What a good sister.

I love that this sorta brought me back to earth. These special days with the important little people of mine are what I treasure, and what we will miss when they grow up.

Proud of this boy!


Carly said...

Go Tyler!!! Still wishing I had been there.

hales said...

Tyler -- you are so AWESOME!!

Jen said...

What a handsome boy. I love that huge grin on his face.

House of Tong said...

I love seeing his excitement on his special day!! Congrats again dude!!

Janene said...

Very happy for you all, and especially Tyler! I wish we knew him better. We thought of you guys that day a lot!!