Thursday, July 26, 2012

baseball wrap-up

It's about time I write briefly about this sport that dominates all our lives for 4 months every spring.

We are bigtime fans of team sports in this family. Tyler didn't love t-ball last year, and I had to force him to stick with it the whole season. Up until Halloween of last year he swore he was done and would never play baseball again. {Being so-so at a sport, instead of fantastic, does that to little boys.} But let me tell you, we convinced him to give it one more shot, and I am so glad. So is he! It taught him patience and teamwork (not that he needed it) and his maturity level creeped even higher, if you can believe it.

He was on Farm this year, meaning more practices, more seriousness, keeping score, and hitting from a pitching machine. Once he figured out that pitching machine, he became quite the player.  I know that having two phenomenal coaches helped him a lot. Now all he talks about is playing every single year...I am definitely happy about that, but just thinking about that time commitment makes my eyes twitch a little. I guess this is a good warm-up for potentially having two boys in baseball in a few years.

Tyler was called the most mature boy in the dugout, and won "Best Doubles hitter" on his team. We loved watching him play catcher, especially when he had no idea he was supposed to actually catch the ball. He learned quickly. He won two game balls, and I seriously almost started crying both times.
I wasn't sad when it was over, but I guess our sign of success is that Tyler was.
(i love how both feet are off the ground. can you just feel the excitement??)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I make no secret about the fact that I LOVE having my kids home whenever possible. I love them in public school and homeschooling just isn't for me OR for them, but I really enjoy when we don't have the routine of school and they just get to hang out at home.

This kid is my real buddy right now. We have so much fun together. We find errands to go on, we go on bike rides, we go to the park and he begs to "go higher Mommy!" on the swings. We make apple juice and come up with other fun juice concoctions, and we drink it to our hearts' content. When I put him down for his nap (or at bedtime), he still buries his head into my neck and we sing songs.He now sings along with me, almost every single word of any song I start. He can't carry a tune in the least, but I don't care. He likes to be on my lap, he likes to be next to me, and he's just my little buddy.

Tanner talks like a champ, and I truly can't believe he is now 2. Today! Two years old really is magical, isn't it? It is FUN, as they suddenly talk so much and can even carry on a conversation, and they really are little human beings at this age. He asks every day if we can "go to Cars Land to see tow-Mater." I can't wait to take him.

I love the one on one time we have (not as frequent right now). I love how he opens his mouth and eyes wide when something is surprising...or just to see my reaction. I love his "oh my doodness" that I hear all the time out of his mouth. Nothing is sweeter than hearing, "Mom! I missed you!" after he wakes up, or when he's been off playing for a few minutes. He can sing and dance like nobody's business. I love boys; I love how they love their moms, and I adore this kid with my whole heart.

Isn't he the sweetest? I love his face. And all the faces of Tanner.

Monday, July 9, 2012

and one more

I have spent the last 4 months living in a state of fear. Maybe fear isn't the right word...anxiety is more like it. I found out I was pregnant somewhat by accident at the end of March, spent a few days crying my eyes out like a selfish brat (I was shocked and really shaken up), and then spent the next several weeks worrying. I was sick on our otherwise super-fun cruise, and felt a little resentful because of it. I haven't slept well the last week or so, because I can't think about anything else. Last night I was awake every hour. I have had laryngitis and it hurts my throat to talk/swallow/eat.

But today I feel so much calm. We saw our baby this morning, saw the 4 chambers and the heartbeat, saw the brain, and saw every single perfect body part (amazing...considering all that can be seen from an 11 ounce tiny person). And honestly, I have been floating on a cloud all day long!! Seriously, it never gets old, and it might just get more exciting each time. I guess I was most nervous about finding out the gender...I know for sure this is my last and I knew that either way I was going to be sad to know that it would be our last boy or girl. I was shaking on the table today, almost in tears. The first thing I did was ask where the placenta was (it's a big deal for my body that it isn't in the "wrong" place...) and had so much relief to see that for once it isn't where it shouldn't be. I saw hands and arms up around the baby's face, and a teeny body bent almost in half.

And then the gender. Truly, I didn't care. I think people are so incredibly lucky if they get one of each these days, that I can't be selfish and get picky. But I secretly wanted Tanner - my caboose - to have a boy buddy. I held on to the fact that I thought it was a boy just for Tanner. Emma initially only wanted a girl because she never has gotten that sister she missed out on playing with when Macie died...and because it would be "the pattern." But we talked about how even if it was a girl they would be 9 years apart. Tyler didn't care one bit. Spencer was sure it was a girl.

And honestly, I am the one who is always right in this marriage (:D) but Spencer (and Emma) were spot-on this time. I was so excited I almost burst. I made the tech promise me it was a girl before we sent the text to our friend who was watching the kids. (She knew to let Emma read the text so Emma could be the FIRST one to know. Then she sweetly recorded their reactions. What a priceless treasure that video is to me.)

For the first time, I got to see one of my babies in 3D. Kinda creepy, but so sweet too.

I am thinking the anxiety will only increase over the next 4 months, especially with all the risks that a 5th c-section can entail. But I am also hoping the peace and calm will override the scared feelings and that things will go as well as they can. I know this baby is a huge blessing, and is absolutely supposed to come and I feel that more strongly every single day. Spencer gave me a blessing several weeks ago and I am feeling confident that my body will be made stronger and be able to do this one final time.

So here we go, even though we are already more than halfway. I can officially say I am excited for November!

(Showing the ultrasound pics to the kids.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

aspen grove

I really don't know why I was skeptical of this gorgeous place! I love BYU, I love the church, I love their programs, and they (especially together) do things really well. (Yes, I am biased as a BYU alumnus and a former EFY counselor.) I guess the cost made me the most nervous, because, let's be isn't cheap.

Well, after being here just one day I realized what a treat we were really in for. Not only is the setting gorgeous, at the base of Mt. Timpanogos, but there are constant activities for everyone. Tanner even had a class (the Rompers) to go to every morning.

Emma and Tyler would come back completely exhausted, and would sleep at night like never before.

Each age group had different themes every day. Emma had Avenger Day, Cowboy Day, etc. Tyler had Harry Potter Day, Spy Day, and Star Wars Day. They swam with their groups, they played dodge ball, they did crafts, they climbed the rock wall

they learned cheers, they hiked, and they had a complete ball. Tanner went kicking and screaming to his class but really liked it once he was there. The best part was picking him up...I got to see him having fun and when he would see me he would say "Mom! I missed you!" or "What's up?"

I did crafts, went to lectures, did some serious water aerobics, hung out, and did laundry. When our kids went to bed we would play games like reverse charades (FUN) or go to the store for BYU ice cream or mint brownies.

(Spencer has commented a few times since coming home that he really misses the BYU ice cream...he's big into ice cream).
Some highlights:
Minute to Win It night. If you saw my previous post, you know how into this our family is. Well, the version at Aspen Grove was pretty lame but Tyler wanted so badly to be in it and he finally got picked at the end for a really hard game. He got 2 of the 4 balls before knocking over the 3rd. Pretty good if you ask me... (I love how his tongue is out as well, as the face of the guy behind him.)
All the family time. I love when my kids can be with their cousins. (or dancing with their grandma)

(Papa and his 3 "baby" grandsons)

Tyler having another Tyler in his group. (My) Tyler lost two teeth while at Aspen Grove, so these two were the toothless Tylers. And...Grandma pulled both of them out, sparing me the nastiness. Because of that, Grandma gave him a dollar each time, in addition to what he got from the tooth fairy.
(sorry, there's a bit of blood in this pic. he's a bleeder!)

On the topic of missing teeth...Tyler, for some reason, was holding his tooth in his hand while he went through the breakfast line. He dropped it into the bin of waffles! Luckily my mom was there and was able to get it out quickly before someone had a serious problem. Can you imagine the possibilities?? So so gross...but it still makes me giggle every time I think of it.

Our hike to Stewart Falls. My kids were in their classes so Spencer and I were childless (though the big kids hiked to the same falls with their groups on the same day), and my mom and Michael, Carly, and Matthew joined us. It wasn't an easy hike, but it was fun and it was a very do-able 4 miles. I love nature, and I love hiking, and I am glad we got to do this. Next time we will take on Timp for sure.

The food! No, it wasn't always that great, but most of it was actually pretty good, and I didn't have to cook or clean up for an entire week. And now I am struggling getting back into it.

Emma being in the talent show. She is my shy/reserved one, so I was shocked when she wanted to try out. She nailed "Praise to the Man" just like she has the million other times I've heard it. So proud. I only wish I had caught her extravagant bow on camera.

Not a highlight...
See this huge ball?

It contributed to Spencer's dislocated shoulder. He is awaiting a MRI. I have to laugh that something called "water frolics" caused him to have a dislocated shoulder. I should make up a better he got into a fight with a Ute. That might be more believable. :)

We loved it! What an incredible place.

 Michael totally slaughtered Spencer in basketball...

Tanner's happy place.