Saturday, July 28, 2007

Racecars and beaches

Tyler is getting to be so much fun as he becomes more and more verbal. I think every single day there are new sentences coming out of his mouth that completely shock me. Today we took the kids to the San Jose Grand Prix, where they turn the busy city streets into a racetrack for the stock cars and hot rods. Tyler, of course, was in heaven and totally thought he was a part of the movie "Cars." Then we went to the beach in Santa Cruz for a few hours. Emma surprised us both today, looking extra "grown up." Spencer's already worried about her and the boys who will for sure be after her soon (grrr...).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bribery Pays! (and Costs)

Emma did it - she went underwater 3 times today at swimming lessons and actually enjoyed it! She didn't cry or even complain and was so excited to get her promised smoothie from Jamba Juice. I have to admit that it kills me to spend $4.50 on a smoothie that costs $.82 to make and that I could easily make at home for much cheaper. Regardless, she earned it and hopefully her swimming lessons next summer will be more enjoyable and less scary.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marriage proposal & first names

Emma proposed to her swim teacher yesterday. Yup, that's right. Thank goodness she is too young to have her heart broken. I could hear her from a distance casually ask him to marry her and he just smiled and said, "Emma, I think I'm a little old for you." Then I watched her splash him with water and was thinking, "Can my 3-year old really be doing this?" I have to say, however, that she has the brightest and most loving personality. I can't wait for all that we have ahead of us....

On another note, Tyler started calling me by my first name today. Kinda shocking, but so funny to watch his huge grin as he says it. Cute little kid.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Future Blackmail

I seem to be getting more and more pictures of Tyler that will someday embarrass him. I don't know if I'm getting quicker with the camera or if he is just getting more curious about Emma's things. He LOVES to wear Emma's sunglasses, and the grin on his face when he wears them is just priceless. I have plenty of pictures of Tyler wearing Emma's princess shoes (granted, his favorite pair is the BLUE pair - Cinderella), but I figure I won't shame him too much by posting those. This one isn't too bad - I just like it because he's so darn cute.

Emma's First Crush...(gulp)

Emma started swimming lessons this week and truly hasn't done a whole lot ("I will NOT put my face in the water!"), but I guess that's what these preschool swimming classes are for. She has, however, decided that she wants to marry her teacher (Jason), which has caused me to have a minor heart attack. Hello - my little 3 year old has her first crush! This picture is Emma with Jason as he's teaching her to float on her back. Does she look smitten to you??

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Kids are Growing Up!

Tyler spoke his first sentence this week (okay, it was just 3 words, but still constitutes a sentence)! His "sentence" was in reference to his female toddler-friend, Brookelyn, who can put a grin on his face by just looking at him. This morning, as he was trying to lift a rather heavy half-gallon of apple juice onto a shelf at his eye level, he finally succeeded and while throwing his arms up into the air in jubilation, yelled, "Did it! Up!"

Emma is another story (never STOPS talking) but sure is mature and smart. If I tell her we will make brownies on Sunday, she will remember on Sunday and pester me until I keep up my end of the deal. She's very sweet and has a kind heart. Meanwhile, Emma and Tyler have started playing together (it helps that they can be outside almost any day of the year) and I am finding myself with tidbits of free time (hence, this blog).

*This picture of them is taken underneath the waterfall at the Monterey Aquarium. Boy, when that water comes falling down it sure does make for lots of smiles and cute pictures.

Golden Gate Bridge

Welcome to the our blog!!
We visited the iconic red bridge and got some pretty cool pictures of that amazing structure. My parents were in town visiting so we went there as well as to a famous redwood forest - Muir Woods - just north of San Francisco. Tyler wanted to watch the bridge, go under it, go on it, etc. He couldn't get enough. Needless to say, it really is cool! This picture is our little family with my mom (thank goodness for Grandmas who hold their grandkids...).