Monday, September 28, 2015


On a whim, we signed Emma up for volleyball. At the 11th hour (they were shutting down registration in 30 minutes). Her friend was going to be playing and her mom called me to see if we were interested. Funny enough, the friend dropped out after a week but Emma is still going...

Emma is tall. She is athletic. She has a lot going for her that I never did. She just is good at sports. And oh MAN is she competitive (that came from her dad). So, while it was a rough start because she had no idea how to play (and Spencer and I weren't very good helpers with this particular sport) she jumped right in.

We have some rough/sad/emotional times because the coaches give her more feedback and constructive criticism than anyone else on the team...times ten. We have determined this is because she has the most potential. We bought her a volleyball and are helping as much as we can. {That's not a lot.}

When she plays, she looks pretty amazing. I have wondered a few times already if she has a future in this sport. High school maybe? I wouldn't be surprised. And I am definitely proud of her for trying something new. These tall people need to play those tall-person sports!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

labor day visitors

I have had a few people say to me, "You always have visitors here!" I guess the fact that people keep saying it sorta makes it true, but I always wonder what on earth they are talking about. I want visitors every week of the year! And I don't feel like we get nearly enough people in our little spot of heaven here in Arkansas. of my dearest and sweetest friends, Danielle, got a great deal on flights from PHX to Tulsa and decided to come see me! And bring her cute little Isabelle, who I haven't seen since they moved from Fremont 18 months ago. So it was a huge treat. About a month ago Tyson and Kristina asked if they could come during the time Danielle was here. We decided we have plenty of space, so we packed everyone in and packed all the activities in!

Danielle arrived first. It is an almost 2 hour drive to Tulsa but it really is quite pleasant. Straight, not on a highway, very few cars to see, lots of green, lots of NUTHIN. The drive back to Bentonville was wonderful - I could talk to Danielle all day. And we sure did a lot of talking.... I was so glad she was there that evening as I had to go see Spencer get set apart to his calling on the high council, and my kids love Danielle almost as much as I do, so they were pleased as punch.

The next day the kids had to go to school (some of them quite begrudgingly). Danielle and Isabelle and Sadie and I explored Crystal Bridges and the trails, and then did the splash pad before lunch. Sadie finally actually PLAYED. I think it helps her to have a little person and to not always BE the little person. It was adorable. And it was hot!

That night, LATE, Tyson and Kristina arrived, but we didn't see them till the next morning. We left around 8 am (let the kids play hookie from school) for Branson and Silver Dollar City. Oh man it was HOT but it was so fun and we loved it. Spencer got to come for almost the whole time too (left early to take Emma back for volleyball). Good times. We love that place.

On Saturday it was GAME DAY (first game of the season for BYU) but we had the morning so we played outside and then went to Tanyard Creek to play in the waterfalls. It was shady and the water felt great.

We came home for lunch and then started the BYU game. Our wonderful neighbor with the waterslide and pool told us to come swim so we took over their pool in the afternoon and then BBQ'd that night while we finished watching the game.

On Monday we went to the splash park again and Tyson and Kristina had to leave from there. We love having them come!

Danielle had to leave on Tuesday so we drove to Tulsa again (another wonderful drive with lots of chatting) but neither of our girls napped (grrr!). The drive home was sad for me. But I'm so so so glad I got to spend that time with Danielle and Isabelle - she is one person I admire and love to pieces. She is one of the best! (I can't tell you how mad I am that I didn't get a picture of Danielle and Tanner, and one of me and her as well! Darn.)