Friday, March 28, 2014

my number one

I have always known that the spouse is THE most important person. Kids always come after. But man that is hard sometimes. That focus isn't always easy for me, because I feel like I give everything to the kids and then I'm just tired. It's hard to take time for a marriage sometimes! Especially with little kids.

Spencer had a recruiting trip planned to Utah, part of that being a presentation to the students at BYU. He really wanted me to come. And it did sound fun. But we had stuff going on, a baseball game, the ward talent show, etc. After trying to work out flights and everything else I finally threw up my hands and said, "This is too hard; I am staying home." Spencer said something to the effect of, "This is important to me. I really need you to come." He doesn't often do that, so I took note and decided we would make it work.

My mom had an appointment so we flew my newly-retired (!!) dad up to watch the kids for 36 hours. We did the hand off of the kids/car at the airport (pretty sure Sadie was 100% confused) and hopped on our flight. I thoroughly enjoyed the flight (other than that I didn't get to sit next to Spencer) - I sat by a friend and we had some great conversation. I hadn't seen her in a few months.

We got off the plane and called Melissa, who just recently moved to Stansbury Park. We got to go see their family and their new BIG house. Then it was time to head to Provo. We quickly check in to the hotel, I ironed his clothes while he prepped for the presentation, and we went to BYU. I love being back there but I feel so far removed from my time there. Every time I visit it is SO different. He of course did awesome; he is so comfortable speaking in front of people.

That night we went to dinner (Old Spaghetti Factory - meh) and then were on a mission to find BYU mint brownies. We went all over campus and no place had them. Lame!

The next morning was EY extreme. I did some shopping (found skirts for the girls for Adam's wedding!) and then met up with Spencer on campus for lunch. He has some great candidates interested in the San Jose office. We were there a few hours, then headed to Matt and Mary's in Salt Lake to help Matt with some tax stuff. Then back to the airport for a quick meal at Cafe Rio (YUM) and onto our plane. We got home right as the talent show was ending, and my dad's flight left about 10 minutes before ours landed.

The kids were in great hands. I think Sadie was a stinker but I expected nothing less (more?)

Sometimes it's good to get away for a minute; I'm glad I did this time. Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

this is real life

Lest you (or I, when I look back someday) think that my life is all unicorns and rainbows and is my reminder of the hard parts. And by "hard parts," I am referring 90% to a certain baby in our house.

(sick and sweaty...and i was trapped)

And lest you think I am exaggerating...I am not.
After listening to Sadie scream and watching fits be thrown every few minutes for almost 5 weeks I got some good answers and also a solution to just one of her problems - her very first ear infection.

But this is the cute baby I prefer. 

I get glimpses of her, and am starting to feel like we have turned a corner and I will get to know THIS Sadie a lot better soon.

(The key to her heart? Scrambled eggs and a green smoothie. Every.morning.)