Friday, April 30, 2010

6 countries, 3 passport stamps

In 7 days, Spencer and I have visited 6 countries, and we still have one more to go. I have said it before - we take "trips" and NOT "vacations." My feet could have a story of their own to tell about our last week, but I'll wait and document it well once we're home. I'm missing my kids and am so grateful for my parents (and some friends) who have made it possible for us to take this trip of a lifetime. And of course for Spencer's parents who did the "tourist" thing with us for a few days and made it much easier on me to have at least 3 other people who I could understand (and who could understand me). As we are winding down, I told Spencer that one sign of a perfect trip is the fact that you're ready to go home. And I'm definitely getting to that point. What an incredible time we've had!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Why is it that now that I have a child in the school system who has an "official" Spring Break, I feel so much more pressure to make it fun? When I was growing up we just had nice beaches to go to that were close and it was easy and fun to enjoy our breaks from school. We don't have such a luxury here; we actually have to work for our fun.

I got an email from Travelzoo almost two weeks ago advertising MLB baseball tickets for $3.50 apiece for the second exhibition game of the season. So that was how we kicked off Spring Break on Friday night. Emma cried because she wanted cotton candy and we couldn't find it. Popcorn, hot dogs and even garlic fries would not suffice. At the VERY end of the game (8th inning) a cotton candy vendor FINALLY came up to the nosebleeds and one of our friends saved Emma's day by flagging the guy down and buying some for the kids to share. Hallelujah.

During Spring Break, we also...

...were visited by the Easter Bunny (who, I might add, was quite lazy with the egg hiding)


...listened to Conference, and then because it was POURING, took some cute and also some goofy pictures inside.


...worked on getting a section of the backyard ready for a garden. The best part was seeing Tyler working (with a hand shovel) right along Spencer (with the big shovel). Later I asked Spencer if Tyler really was any help to him and he said, "No, but that wasn't the point." Love my boys.

...played in the front yard almost every evening. Having a nice yard is NOT overrated.


...went to the zoo with some friends (and with every other family within 100 miles).

...went to the beach TWICE. And ate it up. And I ripped the beach chair, darn it.


...went to the tidepools and quite nearly froze to death.


...bought ice cream from the ice cream truck (many of you know just how rare this is for us).


We are all exhausted. I never once wished my kids were back in school/pre-school, and not once did we feel bored. Successful, if you ask me.