Sunday, June 29, 2014

full swing

We have enjoyed two weeks with the kids out of school and have been busy every single day!
Here is our catch-up for June...

My cute baby can finally rock the pigtails. They lasted not quite an hour but I couldn't stop staring at her adorableness.

These handsome fellas were pretty matchy matchy. (Tanner adores his older brother, and we have had many talks with Tyler about being kind, reminding him how much he is looked up to. He is trying.)
Tyler's baseball team wrapped up their season with a swim party. Spencer and Mark were co-coaches and each got to present the trophies to the boys. What a cool thing for Tyler and for Spencer.
The pool where the party was had the COOLEST baby pool. I looked into getting a membership...for about 5 seconds when I saw that it costs $1500/year. (Sadie had fun.)
We have spent a ton of time swimming at Parkmont pool. Thankfully, we have wonderful friends who invite us at least twice a week.

We went to a little lake called Cull Canyon. It is usually $5-$6 per person but we went on the free day of the month and it was so awesome! Only 20 minutes away even!
The boys both took swimming lessons. Tanner didn't make a whole lot of progress and Tyler is already a pretty strong swimmer so it was good practice.

We went to the Livermore Rodeo the last day of school. Sadie was tired and grumpy and Tanner was bored...but I wish we had stayed longer.
I had shingles for most of the month of June (I still have it but it might be getting better? slowly...)
Spencer went out of town for 4 1/2 days (Orlando) so I did my "summer toes" one night...
This caught my eye as I was walking through the kitchen... ha.
We have also gone to Great America five times already.
But we went on a date night with the Spears' and actually got to ride a few good ones (rare for the adults)...
Sadie loves the park. My last two kids haven't had nearly as much park time as the first two did.
Emma and Tyler's jobs include reading to Sadie and Tanner every day. I love this "job." And they do too.
Emma is part of a girls' sewing club this summer. I did most of this skirt but she did pick out fabric and helped with a few other parts, and it turned out stinkin cute.
We fed 21 missionaries breakfast (and our own kids) so we did cinnamon rolls and even had a couple left over. We love having the missionaries over.
And with that, here goes July. Jr Lifeguards, 4th of July, more swimming, and then our "epic road trip." It's our one full month of the year with NO SCHOOL so we have to soak up every second. Can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Finally! We have been waiting for this day since August! Emma just finished 4th grade, Tyler finished 3rd and Tanner finished joy school. :)

What a difference 9 1/2 months makes. Too bad Sadie wasn't in the above picture...because she would win for "most changed." Emma purposely wore the same shirt on the first and last day. (But we certainly don't jump for joy on the first day like we do on the last.)
For fun, here are the previous two years of jumping pictures:
(Emma also repeated clothes those two years...)

We have ten weeks to play! Some of our plans include the beach, Great America, swimming 1-2 times a week, reading lots of books (both kids have kindles now, and for some reason books are just better when read on one of those), going on an "epic roadtrip," a wedding, and 3 national parks! Wish me luck!