Wednesday, March 16, 2016

basketball wrap-up

This basketball season was so fun. And exhausting. Our last 7 Saturdays have involved driving back and forth to the Baptist church 3 times a day - Tanner's games were always at 8:30, Emma's were at 12 or 1, and Tyler's were at 3 or 4.

Right at the beginning of the season we noticed that Emma had improved dramatically from last year. And surely her 3 inches of growth in the last year helped as well. In her first game she scored 12 of the 16 points. She can also get every single rebound because she is tall but also fast. Her strong suit is NOT being a point guard (running and dribbling) but that's ok because her team had lots of fast, quick girls to do that.

We started bribing her to foul simply because she was terrified to do it. In one particular game their team just had 5 girls and Emma fouled out! We were ahead luckily, but had to play with 4 girls. The coach of the other team had her put back in because he didn't want to lose to a team of 4. :)  Her team lost just one game, and ended up the #1 seed for the tournament.

Tyler had an incredible team with lots of good kids. The difference between his team and Emma's was that his was 5th-8th grade boys (Emma's was just 5th/6th girls). So there were some BIG boys on his team with lots of experience. He learned a lot though about screening and how to play defense and steal the ball, and other intricacies of basketball, and really had a lot of fun. They lost two games all season and advanced to the final game of the tournament.

Tanner played in the youngest division - kindergartners. It was hilarious to watch and I'm sure for the coach was like herding cats, but he was patient and so good with those kids. Tanner never ended up making a basket, though he got close. His coach really tried to help him score but it didn't work out. Tanner loved it and I think will have a long relationship with basketball.

Some pictures from the season...

And the tournament championships were last night. Emma's team was amazing and held the other team to 6 points through the entire second half! The coaches even pulled Emma out toward the end because we were so far ahead. Emma scored 3 times. Final score: 22-6!

Tyler's team got way out in front and it was just entertaining because I didn't have to stress much. Final score: 34-12!