Sunday, July 31, 2011

you've got to know the rules...

...before you can break them.

Grammar lesson time.

Because anyone can post anywhere on the Internet, there are millions of grammar errors everywhere I look. I think we need grammar and spelling classes in high schools and maybe in colleges. I enjoy finding mistakes in big-time newspapers or highly published magazines because it just shows that everyone is human and makes errors, but it definitely catches my eye and bothers me slightly.

Here we go. Add your two cents.

Apostrophes. It's photos, not photo's. Another example: My Grandkid's are cuter than yours. Seriously??
Also, know when to use the apostrophe in Its and when not to. It's not hard.

Do you write pics or picts? It's an abbreviation, which automatically slashes some formality, but when I see picts I want to pinch my eyeballs just a little bit.

Do you know the difference between aisle and isle? 90% of the time, you probably mean aisle but you will probably write isle. Big, big difference.

This sums up a lot of it... (thanks Pinterest for helping me out here)

Last one: It's not As an FYI...
I mean, does that make sense?

So what do I mean about breaking the rules? My dad gave me a hard time once for misspelling something in an email. I told him it's ok for ME to misspell something because I know it's misspelled. (Do you like my rationale?) :) I'd rather be lazy than uneducated.

If you know the rules, go ahead and break them. Especially if you can be creative with it. Or make sure you have a mom who will quickly point out your mistakes so you don't look unattractive (like mine!). But I must say, I still like reading blogs for their content; I really do love hearing others' ideas and passions, even if there are mistakes. Just call it the editor in me.

What have you seen lately, in terms of grammar, that drives you nuts?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

good lookin'

Here was Tanner's cute cake. (The caterpillar's head was a bit heavy and had a rough day...) I ate a few too many caterpillar legs. Yum.

And a couple of my favorite pictures of him.

More here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

the big 1

Despite my very best efforts, Tanner has continued to grow. I tried so hard to stop him at 4 months, and again at 9 months. And here he is, a year old already, and the baby-ness is almost gone and I am left wondering how on earth I will get my baby fix now.

This day one year ago was one of the most anticipated and also scariest days of my life. From the second Tanner joined our family I knew that he specifically was meant to come. I'm inclined to think that his birth had more meaning and emotion than other births. It also became apparent very quickly that he had been spoiled in heaven by his older sister.  And he has been a fun reminder of just how much work and time a baby requires.

A little about my one-year-old...

My favorite time with Tanner is right before he goes to sleep. I give him his binky and his little blanket and he practically collapses into my arms and neck. He relaxes, I walk him into his room and rub his back and sing to him and rock him for a few minutes. When I put him down he looks at me and then rolls onto his side (always his left side, just like me) and is asleep within seconds. Those times are when I adore every single thing about him. My heart absolutely melts. Last week I held him extra long and he was completely asleep when I put him down. Oh if I could only freeze little moments like that.

I love his white hair. I have trimmed it a few times but gave him his first "real" cut a few weeks ago and almost cried afterward. He suddenly looked so grown up and I just wanted my baby back.

He is happiest with mom. Until about a month ago he wanted anyone who was willing to hold him and tote him around (namely Emma). She's had a bit of rejection sadness lately as he turns away from her and everyone else and chooses to stay with me. It's sweet and endearing, but I sure would like to be free of him for a few minutes every once in a while.

He is also happy watching the big kids jump off the bed. Sometimes I get so desperate for him to be happy that I left them jump off Emma's bed so Tanner will be happy and occupied for 5 minutes. Emma and Tyler ADORE their brother and I'm sure someday those feelings will be totally mutual.

This child loves the bath. I bathe my kids every day from the very beginning and when I ask him if he wants to get into the tub he practically high-jumps it in there. I'm glad he likes it so much because half his dinner is usually in his hair and all over his neck or eyebrows or other random places.

He learned how to work the ipad/iphone right away. At 10 months he could use his pointer finger to drag the screens around and open different apps. He can even work the "home" key. I'd claim pure genius but it's actually probably not something to be proud of. {Also, it's funny to me how Emma was in the "age of the remote" and 7 years later the remote is almost obselete, replaced by newer, much cooler devices that lure babies in.}

His "daddy time" is while Spencer shaves in the morning. Spencer is good about spending a few minutes with each of the kids in the morning since that's all they get to see of him. Tanner will leap into his arms and sit still for the 3 minutes it takes Spencer to shave. 3 minutes of heaven for Tanner, Spencer AND me.

He never really crawled (just the army crawl) but is trying so hard to walk. He can stand and he walks halfway across the living room. He will be steady before August, I'm certain.

I've been told by numerous people - mostly strangers - that "he is the cutest baby I have ever seen." I have to agree. That combination of dark skin, white hair and dark eyes are going to be cause for worry later in life. Right now it's just fun.

His first real word was "bop." (I use the term "real word" loosely.) I know that's not an actual word but he asks for a "bop" when he wants a bottle. He'll even grab my finger and walk with me to the fridge in the kitchen.

Happy birthday little guy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

This is summer

I am exhausted. I know. I thought we'd be winding down too.
In our first 3 weeks of summer - 21 days - we went:

  • Swimming 12 of those days
  • To a collective 16 swimming lessons
  • Bowling 5 times (for free, no less)
  • To the lake. Twice. Or 3 times?
  • To the beach.
  • To the local water park (lame for me, fun for the kids).
  • To the library, twice.
  • To the movies to see Cars 2.
  • To get ice cream a few too many times
One boy learned how to swim.
One almost-a-baby-no-longer missed way too many naps.
That same baby/toddler is on the verge of walking, causing me incredible joy and utterly breaking my heart at the same time.
One wanna-be entrepreneur decided she wants a job (right now!) so she can earn "real" money. I guess the novelty of "one whole dollar!" has worn off.

I love summer. I love my new job chart system that is working amazingly well. I love falling asleep within seconds of lying down every night.  I love that the little guy has finally gotten over his 7 week ear infection. And I love that there are flip flops ALL over my house (ok, not really...but I'll take it any day over washing lots and lots of socks. Then again, washing swimsuits and towels every day isn't much fun...).

I also love snacking on fresh sugar snap peas while weeding the garden. I love watching our traditional pumpkins grow everywhere, in addition to the peas, beans, tomatoes, strawberries, spaghetti squash, carrots and zuchinni. I love 75% off outdoor patio furniture, slip 'n slides, new baby bike seats, super healthy fruit/vegetable-loaded smoothies for breakfast (my highest number of different kinds of produce thus far is 11), and no make-up and ponytails every single day. Ahh, this is definitely the life.