Wednesday, September 18, 2013

favorite age

When Emma was a baby my mother-in-law told me that 9 months-18 months was her favorite age. At the time I didn't understand how someone could NOT prefer the newborn stage.  I've always remembered that, though, and I must say that I agree with her. They learn so much in that time! I feel like there is something new every single day. We spend so much time watching her and laughing. I take too many pictures and videos.

Since Sadie turned 9 months old (5-ish weeks ago), she has started consistently waving (at appropriate times), clapping consistently, and dancing. She crawls FAST everywhere, she pulls herself up, she cruises, she can YELL when she is mad or wants something, she can drink her green smoothies from a straw, she snorts like a pig because it makes us laugh, etc. I feel like she got 3 months older all within the last several weeks.

My goal of tackling a sleep schedule has worked. Her naps are still short. I feel like that is just how it's gonna be. But she sleeps great at night! Finally!

I feel like I might be in smack dab in one of the most demanding times of my life right at this instant. But I can't imagine it any other way. Nor do I WANT it any other way. The irony.

Sadie loves me. But she is starting to like others. She'll smile and entertain those who want to play with her for a minute. She often crawls into Emma's lap. She can see Emma coming from far away, like at school, and flaps her arms and giggles. She likes to look at animals. She LOVES to eat. I had a few kids who ate becuase they had to but really could take it or leave it. Sadie is not that kid.

And, she is clearly #4 because her 9-month check-up will probably be when she turns one.

I adore this big baby. I can't believe how the time has flown. I love that I get to be in the "most fun" stage for another 8 months.