Friday, February 25, 2011

february loves

What I'm lovin':
*Immobility. Tanner STILL doesn't roll over. Strange, but it doesn't concern me. Why? Tyler NEVER rolled over. He just wasn't interested. I think Tanner is the same. Also, he is almost never down on the ground because he throws a complete fit, so I guess he just doesn't get practice. Fine by me; less baby-proofing to worry about. However, I can't wait for him to start crawling. Maybe he will follow me around and not insist on being held.
*Crazy weather. A few weeks ago it might as well have been summer, and now they are predicting SNOW here. What?! Never boring.
*Emma wanting to sleep in the boys' room. She is in a phase where she doesn't want to be alone. So, she's taken up to bunking in the bunk. Seeing all three of my kids sleeping in one small space makes my heart feel like it might explode (that is, if they actually are all sleeping....).
*On that same note, my big kids asking if they can "have Tanner" while they are playing. I love getting a few minutes of freedom, and enjoy seeing Tanner play with something girly while being the complete center of attention. The center of someone else's attention. Heaven.
*HGTV. I used to watch Fox News during my free time (meaning, baby-feeding time), and I just got plain sick of the news. Now I know exactly how to fix all the things in my house that need fixing, and I have a serious itch to do projects. Perhaps I should become an interior designer, because I think I've seen every episode of every show. I now say "window treatments" instead of "curtains" and "space" instead of "room." The best part? Tyler and Emma love it as much as I do. They're the ones who encouraged me to keep entering the dream home giveaway, for the home in Vermont. :)
*The Wii. We only let the kids play on Fridays after school and on Saturdays. And the little lovelies don't complain about it at all! It's still new and exciting to them. It saves me with Spencer working 80 hours a week and being gone on Saturdays. Did you know redbox rents out Wii games? Love that too.
*SORE leg muscles. Why is it so fiercely satisfying to be sore? Maybe because it means I'm finally using them? I'm hoping to say goodbye to the jello soon enough (I just blame 4 pregnancies, but still...time's up).
*My YW. They're so awesome. I am SO going to miss the ones heading to college this fall.
*Spencer being able to balance everything. He spends a few quality minutes with the kids in the morning. He leaves work at 9:30 at night, sometimes heads to the church to take care of a few things, and makes it home in a good mood, just in time to go to bed. Unbelievable. I don't know how he does it, but I love that he does it.
(I won't go into all the things I'm NOT loving, like repeated strep/mastitis, lots of rain, the fact that peace signs seem to be on every piece of children's clothing, and a cute stinker baby who has made it his little life's mission to be sure his mom doesn't ever sleep more than 3 hours at a time.)


Janene said...

my three boys, side-by-side and getting along together in the back seat makes my heart a little soft. Trust me, it is RARE. But I do like it so much.

Feel free to come practice interior design at my house! We've nowhere to go but up. :o)

April said...

We were just meant ot be friends, haha!
I too have been working out like crazy it's a good hurst and well being just albs shy of my goal is even better. And yes even though I'm that close 4 kids have caused quite the havoc on my body. And fin doesn't ell, crawl either. He's 9months tomorrow! The dr is not worries he's just a chill baby she says but really? He just sits. So no baby proofing yet. I love hgtv and my oldest has all of a sudden not wanted to sleep alone let alone in the basement. He wants to share now. So funny!

April said...

Ok so I'm on the iPad and it self corrects so much of my words, so sorry that last comment made no sense.

Carly said...

We've suddenly gotten into HGTV too. :)

Natalie N said...

NOOOO! Mastitis again!?! And I totally agree--what is it with the peace signs on all the girls' clothes?

Loved hearing about all the things you love, though. Isn't it funny how as a "seasoned" mom, we don't mind the immobility of babies? Stay little just a big longer kiddos! :)