Wednesday, June 19, 2013

one hour

I have one hour left until I get my kids home for 10 weeks. Hooray. And while I didn't get everything done that I wanted to before that final bell, I got most of it done.

Here is proof.

My cute baby sitting on top of these suitcases that were super ugly, and are now are quite cute. Or maybe it's the person that makes them cute?

Not bad for free, right? (suitcases, not the baby.)

Maybe it will be a blessing, come the end of August, that Sadie is a horrible sleeper. Because she is so inconsistent and has no schedule, it is easy to make the decision to forego her naps and cater to the big kids and their fun desires. I shouldn't call that decision easy...just easier. Sigh.

Remember how we took pictures like this last year? On the first day of school we do pictures in front of the door, and on the last day we jump and scream and yell with excitement...also in front of the door. Spencer wanted to "jump" off the porch again with the kids. This year he got a little more air...after I laughed at him for only jumping a few inches at first.

I love all the facial expressions. And we really DO feel like this. Excited! (White men CAN jump.)

Next year I will be in some.... and Tanner and Sadie won't be crying. Actually, they probably will.

Here we go!!!


House of Tong said...

Hilarious and your Sadie has so much character. Cute those photos of her!!

Carly said...

Yay for school being out! The jumping pics are a cute idea.

jonna said...

and next year I will come down and take the pics for you so you can ALL do the Last Day Leap for joy! oh wait, you may have to come take mine, too! it will be the end of my TWENTIETH year at parkmont when cole finally moves up to jr high. yep! i'll definitely be leaping for joy!

p.s. aDORable pics of sadie on those awesome suitcases. well done! (on the baby, and the project!)

p.s.s. now...let's go to the BEACH! (finally)