Sunday, December 30, 2012


After Tanner was born and I was supposed to be done having kids, I never really felt 100% DONE. I wanted to feel that way, so there was a slight chance in my mind that we would have another. As time went on it seemed to get harder and harder to think of having another. Three is a lot of kids, right? Especially nowadays... It felt like a lot to me, at the time.

But then I would think of my future self, and my future family. Well, my current family--in the future. I would picture us 15-20 years from now, and picture the kids coming for Christmas. And three just didn't seem like enough then. That little thought bothered me, that three wasn't "it" for us because I felt like there should be one more coming to visit us - me and Spencer - when we are empty nesters someday.

Now that Sadie is here, it just fits. Everything feels as it should. She adds to the family, balances it, and completes it.

This little angel was blessed today. Last night I told Spencer this is the last baby he will be blessing. It is a little bit sad to think about it like that. He did a great job. He doesn't get frazzled like I do when she fusses. And this one fusses a lot.
Four years ago we had bought this same dress to bless Macie in. It became her burial dress. How fitting that I got to dress Sadie in the same dress I never got to put Macie in. I was a little emotional about that all weekend. She had her dad, grandpa, uncle, and cousin (second cousin once removed? something like that) hold her and bless her and encourage her to do the great things she is destined to do. Spencer talked about how she is named after 2 great-grandmas. Emma wore her white baptism dress to match her - 2 of my 3 little angel girls.

I love this sweet little baby. She is that final little piece to our family puzzle.


hales said...

She is the perfect little piece to your puzzle. She's such a cutie -- as are all of the kids. They are growing up too quickly.

Mark and Kim said...

I love your beautiful family! Sadie looks way to cute to be fussy. Isn't it funny that I look at pictures of her and get jealous? Oh right...I have one just a few months older in the other room!

Carly said...

I love that Emma wore her baptism dress. Love those girls! (And the rest of the family too of course).

GHFamily said...

Best family picture yet!

The John Hollingshaus Family said...

I love this post

Natalie N said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What a precious family you all are. Love the last pic of everyone.