Thursday, October 25, 2012

girls' room

I was a little relieved when I found out this baby was a girl. We have 3 small bedrooms, and this evened it out nicely in terms of children. Also, Emma is my one child who sleeps like a log so I'm pretty sure having a baby in there from the get-go won't affect Emma at all. (That room is also the guest room so they'll both be displaced occasionally but no big deal.)

I was getting sick of Emma's room and the little girl details we had put in there 3 1/2 years ago when we bought the house. So I started racking my brain to come up with ways to make it cute and girly but appropriate for both an 8 year old and a baby. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. And I'm equally, if not more thrilled that I got this done before all the pre-term labor stuff started. Score one for me.

I told Emma I wanted to paint her room gray, and accent with bright colors. She completely turned up her nose, so I took a new approach. I told her we would paint it "silver" and then do a glitter wall. That changed her mind, and she was ok with what I picked. I had a hard time picking the right color; I wanted a light, soft gray that would be silvery but not too bland. I finally found the perfect color - Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.

I did some research about glitter paint, and after toying with the idea of mixing my own for about 10 seconds (!!), I decided to buy a quart of this stuff. It was expensive, but I liked that it wasn't grainy, and I could easily paint over it. I mean, with how often I paint...

And I love the stuff!

There is an iridescent sparkle when the light hits it, and when the afternoon sun streams in it illuminates the whole wall. But it's subtle enough as well. I'm a big fan.

Some of these fun plaques will end up with cute pictures on them when there is a baby here to photograph, along with her big sister. I'm liking the look.

The crib bedding is what I bought while pregnant with Macie. The pink/white/light green colors are still perfect. Spencer jokes that she will get to wake up every day and see the motorhome outside first thing. Lucky her.

The last little detail was a copycat I made from something I saw on Pinterest (via Etsy). I spray painted the stripes and then found a tutorial for a felt rose - it was so easy but I think it's adorable.

The clothes are washed and hung/put away. Spencer bought her a new blessing dress when he was in Utah a few weeks ago. We toyed with the idea of using my old one, the same one Emma was blessed in, but after what happened with Macie we decided it's nice for her to have her own to keep. Incidentally, he bought the exact same one for this baby as he had bought for Macie and that we buried her in. It's sweet and kinda sad to see it hanging in the closet.

We're almost there! And I'm ready!


hales said...

Super cute room! Can't wait to see it all filled with little girls.

Carly said...

Wow, LOVE it all! I might have to steal a few of your ideas! (What else is new?)

Jen said...

Thought of you today, on Macie's birthday. . . .

So exciting for a girlie room! And, how cool that Emma can boast of having glitter walls.

April said...

so cute and that wall is so cool!! Glad you got it all finished! Hopefully baby girl can stay in a bit longer, so sorry for the bedrest, so hard with 3 other kids I bet. I did it with 2 for only a few weeks and that was hard enough. I'm so excited for you and I hope everything goes well and this baby girl brings happiness, healing, and blessings. can't wait to hear her name!