Sunday, September 18, 2011

brand new

There is something completely satisfying in watching your only little sister with her very first baby. I was happy to see her so relaxed, so calm, so natural. She was made for this. Her baby's cries and tummy aches didn't make her the crazy person my baby's cries and tummy aches made me...and I'm so glad for that. Carly and Michael are the perfect team, and Emma and I fell in love with this utterly perfect little boy for an entire 2 1/2 days.

I sure miss those 3. Thanks guys for the Southern fun!
{Guest travel post, courtesy of Emma, coming soon!}


Carly said...

Thanks for the awesome pictures and all the fun!!!! We all miss you and Emma!

Natalie N said...

Precious!!! What a fun trip for you girls!

Me said...

I adore that photograph!
Oh, the spirit behind those big eyes! What has he beheld!

GHFamily said...

He looks so much like his dad, Michael!

Cheri said...

He sure does! So far, no glimmers of Carly. :)