Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm not a natural at this baby stuff. It takes me a few weeks to figure things out after having a baby. It took me until THIS baby to really "get" the swaddling thing. Emma never needed it (she was such a good, content baby), and Tyler was a belly sleeper. Then there's Tanner. I tried swaddling him a few times with some really big blankets. But the kid LOVES his hands. In fact, he was born with his hands next to his face, holding on to the umbilical cord. And he loves to touch his face and even hold his pacifier in with his hand. So...he can get out of all blanket swaddling, and could even in the hospital.

My wonderful sister in law (she must be psychic) sent me this "Swaddle Me" blanket sleeper. Spencer lovingly refers to it as Tanner's straightjacket. It has strong velcro in 3 places that keeps his hands in and keeps him from waking himself up with his hands.

The only problem is when he pees through his clothes, gets it wet during the night, and then I am left wondering what to do at 2 a.m. Maybe I need to buy a back-up.

Our "helpers" have all left and we're back to doing this parenting thing by ourselves. How grateful I am for parents and in-laws who took the time to come out and take care of me and the kids!


The Rich Family said...

Daniel has a matching one....instead of a "straightjacket" have him refer to as a Burrito...not so child abuse sounding...hee he eheee...can't wait to meet him

GHFamily said...

I think my teenagers need one of those, especially during their spoiled meltdowns!

xxoo Tanner!

House of Tong said...

Saw this guy on Sunday and he's soo adorable!!!!! Congrats again!!

Lisa R.D. said...

He is darling! I'm so glad to hear that you are all doing well and enjoying your sweet baby... you are right, the time passes by way too quickly!

The Skoobs said...

I can't live with out that swaddler for Jakey! It's the best! But Jake, like Tanner, gets out of it too. Anyways, Tanner is darling! He does look like Tyler!