Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sadie the Lady turns 4

Sadie has been asking about her birthday since she turned 3, but especially in the last month. I've been looking forward to 4; 3 just isn't my favorite age. This little sassy pants, however, isn't going to outgrow those personality traits so I guess I'd better just hang on.

She woke up early, so I let her open a present and then told her we needed to wait until the boys got home to open her gifts from them. Well, when I got out of the shower I discovered she had taken all the presents into the other room and opened them all. So that was quite anti-climatic...

Even though she can make us all crazy with her mood swings and dictatorship, she adds so much more fun and feistiness into our family and I'm so grateful for her.

My favorite things about Sadie right now:
1. She draws people in. She might bull-face you or scream at you, but she is also very cute and sweet and strangers love talking to her (trust me, she doesn't feel the same way about them).
2. She is really funny. She gets sassy when I ask her something and says things like, "Why do you keep axe-ing me that like FIR-TEEN times!?"
3. She loves to be outside and be going all the time. Sometimes it's frustrating, but I'm glad she is up for adventure.
4. She loves her family. And they love her, but have to tolerate a lot. However, she thinks all her siblings walk on water (and they kind of do).

(Yes, she blew out her candles twice on her birthday. After saying, "Sing to me!")

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