Tuesday, November 15, 2016

All-Region all-star

Emma is talented. And she is incredibly competitive. She tried out for and made Advanced Women's Choir for this year, but because she was doing orchestra she couldn't do both. They did let her do Open Choir, however.

Here, we have All-Region clinics where you have to try out to be part of this exclusive group made up of junior high kids within about 2 1/2 hours. She decided to try out for choir, knowing they didn't take too many kids. Emma had to sit there most of the day (sometimes being at the end of the alphabet is LAME), then had her turn to sign (blind audition), then I picked her up and we came home. That night we got the text that she had made it! 23rd chair!

The following weekend was orchestra regional tryouts. We thought doing both would be too much, and it was the same day as her final volleyball game. But her orchestra teacher begged her to try out so we went for it. Emma was even less confident this time, because they only took 10 of each instrument. That night we got the email - 9th chair! We were so excited, I even tried to wake her up to tell her but she was OUT.

So, the following two weekends were both performances. Thankfully, choir was at Bentonville High School and orchestra was at Bentonville West High School (5 min away) - I'm so grateful we got this lucky. For choir she had to be there at 7:30 a.m. and the performance was at 4 pm. They practiced ALL day and even ate lunch at the school. We went to see her at 4 and it was seriously so good. They sounded incredible.

Then, last weekend was orchestra regional clinic. She had to leave school Friday at noon and stay there practicing until 9 pm, and then Saturday it went from 8 am until the performance at 2:00. They really did sound incredible; it was interesting to hear the conductor say that most people had been playing for 2-3 years. Emma has just been playing for 1. 

When it was over I asked if she had fun. She said "No. But I'm glad I did it." 

So proud that she is willing to work hard and sacrifice 4 weekends in a row for these really cool experiences. She knows these extra activities can help her get into college if she keeps it up. 

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