Saturday, February 7, 2015


Often, VERY often, I forget Emma is only 11. Technically still a child yet so far removed from childhood. She is so grown up and mature, she bakes, she shares my shoes and wants to share more, and she is a great friend.

Emma is keenly tuned in to those around her. She knows when I need a minute and don't want to talk to anyone, she knows when I am at my wits end with Sadie and handles it (read: saves Sadie's life), she just understands social cues and can even hold her own in adult conversations.

Emma has handled the move and the HUGE changes that came with that SO well. She is flourishing in her new school and with her new friends. Last week when I was driving her to tennis she told me she already likes it better here than she liked California because she feels like she fits in better. That made me sad, but it also reassured me that we made the right choice to move here because we really felt like it would be the best thing for our family.

Emma is competitive. Oh MAN she is competitive. When we got our ping pong table and I beat her handily she made a goal to beat me and worked her tail off until she beat me once. She wants to be the best at everything and (a fault) if she isn't good at a sport instantly she resists doing it again. We encouraged her to try basketball here, right after we moved here, and she did! She struggled learning a game that everyone else knew already and her first game was a huge learning experience. Her second game was today and she was ready to go. She made 3 baskets, for 1/4 of her team's total points. Watching her was incredible - what a difference in just one week. She is happy when she is the best. We are working on her being happy always, not just when she is the best. (She takes after her dad.)

Emma is good at tennis. For the first time (and likely the last) I am letting her do two sports at the same time. She plays tennis at the Walton Fitness Center. On her first day she had been on a 5 month tennis break so she was rusty. She took out her frustration on me after practice, but pulled herself together and the next week kicked it up a few notches. I love watching her in sports because she is so determined. A "don't care" attitude is not in her make-up. She likes to whoop the other boys in her tennis class.

Emma is really good at piano. She enjoys it and plays all the time. Even in this big house I feel like the piano tune carries everywhere...sometimes good and sometimes bad. I am glad she is determined and that we found a new teacher here so quickly.

She pretty much is awesome. I am so so glad she came first. I am so glad she is 11 now - we officially have a baby-sitter!!! This responsible, beautiful, wonderful girl is such a blessing.

 ^^Opening her bday present from her dad (fresh out of bed) - a charm bracelet.

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Emma is so awesome!